Once Upon A Time...

Just remember love is free but all magic comes with a price.

For A Few Paintballs More

New Members: Katherine ... welcome!
Level Ups: Cami (2), Nessa (3), Emoly (8), Rainey (11) ... congrats!
Masters: Catherine (breakingbad), Emoly (doctorwho-blink, doctorwho-vincentandthedoctor), Gwen (leonardhofstadter, lanawinters), Kim (puzzle-desperatehousewives, saratancredi, pbreak-cutepoison, pbreak-tweener, gilmoregirls-rorylogan), Mez (whitecollar), Rainey (sherlock-ascandalinbelgravia, deanwinchester), Shell (himym-lilymarshall, lost-pilot1, angel-fredless, angel-likeplrtzglrb, danielosbourne, jessestjames, lostgirl-foodforthought, veronicamars-normalisthewatchword, thefollowing, angel-overtherainbow), Victor (desperatehousewives-lynettetom) ... congrats!
Game Updates: Group A
Wishing Well: Fina wish for new cards in the Card Swap. Cami wished for choice cards spelling "SCHOOL" since it will be starting up again soon (one card per deck).

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 5... no more than 2 from the same deck.. If you donated images (or submitted a poster gallery) for the deck, you may take an extra card. Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.

Alternatively, you can take cards from the update randomizer.


Not too much to say today. :) Hope you're having a great weekend!


Owner: Christina (contact)
Status: Open
Since: October 2010
Opened: December 1, 2010
Active Members: 51
Hiatus Members: 11
Troubled Members: 9
Regular Decks: 756 (+ 98 special)
Regular Cards: 15120 (+ 1960 special)

Newest Decks

Do not take! These are just for show. ;)

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