Once Upon A Time...

Just remember love is free but all magic comes with a price.

May Be the Last Time

Level Ups: Shell (13), Noora (8), Gwen (12), ... congrats!
Masters: Fina (vampirediaries-masquerade, revenge-legacy, downtonabbey-episodeone, thetudors-looktogodfirstmaster, trueblood-strangelove), Gwen (dawsonscreek-detention), Jennifer (firefly), Kim (er-elizabethmark, thebigbangtheory-howardraj), Mez (buffy-somethingblue, secretcircle-masked), Noora (greysanatomy-losingmyreligiion, psych, supernatural, sandycohen, charmed-onceuponatime, thementalist), Pam (allenfrancisdoyle, glory), Rainey (deanwinchester, johnwatson), ... congrats!
Game Updates: Group A & B
Wishing Well: Noora wished for choice cards for NURSE cause she's starting nursing school next week ... congrats! (only one card per deck)

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 5... no more than 2 from the same deck.. If you donated images (or submitted a poster gallery) for the deck, you may take an extra card. Don't forget to comment with what you are taking.

Alternatively, you can take cards from the update randomizer.


I can't believe tonight is the finale of True Blood. I am a True Blood fan and am not looking forward to the end. *sigh*

Tomorrow is The Emmy's!!! We will see how it goes.

Not too much to say! See you next Sunday!


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Do not take! These are just for show. ;)

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